JD Jojoba Oil: A Superior Replacement for Mineral Oil

A recent study proved JD Jojoba Oil to be a natural and ethical alternative to Mineral Oil, offering essential nourishment to the skin.


A recent groundbreaking study has identified JD Jojoba Oil as a superior, sustainable alternative to Mineral Oil in cosmetic formulations. The study demonstrated that JD Jojoba Oil matches Mineral Oil’s efficacy in enhancing skin hydration and reducing Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) in both short and long-term.


Unlike Mineral Oil, a petrochemical derivative, JD Jojoba Oil is naturally derived, eco-friendly, and aligns with the growing consumer demand for natural ingredients. It is also non-comedogenic, making it ideal for acne-prone skin, and possesses anti-inflammatory properties1.


“JD Jojoba Oil not only matches the benefits of Mineral Oil in terms of skin hydration and skin barrier function reinforcement, but it also offers numerous additional advantages,” said Dr. Anna Aharoni, R&D Manager at Jojoba Desert. “Incorporating JD Jojoba Oil into cosmetic formulations contributes to a more natural, ethical approach and ensures healthier, more radiant skin.”


JD Jojoba Oil’s unique composition, rich in essential skin nutrients such as wax esters and Tocopherols, providing essential nourishment for the skin. It also acts as a skin barrier enhancer, shielding the skin from external elements, and promoting overall skin health.


In conclusion, the study unequivocally demonstrates that JD Jojoba Oil is an exceptional substitute for Mineral Oil, contributing to a more natural and ethical skincare approach while ensuring healthier and more radiant skin.


1 Ref. R. Habashy, Pharmacological Research, 2005, 51, 95-105


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