We Carry Your Care from Seed to Oil
Jojoba Desert is the world’s leading Jojoba oil manufacturer and provider, based in the heart of the Israeli desert. Jojoba Desert provides various wholesale Jojoba oil based products globally, to top international cosmetics brands, cosmetics manufacturers, laboratories and Jojoba oil wholesale distributors. We believe in nurturing long-term partnerships. Our customers feel safe knowing that we carry their care, provide innovative products, stable supply and engage in responsible leadership. As a cooperative settlement (Kibbutz) owned entity, we leverage over 30 years of combined pioneering spirit, world-class technological, agronomic and manufacturing experience and expertise. Our key to success is rooted deep within our connection to the Israeli desert and its unique soil. Ever-driven towards excellence, we carry your care, from seed to oil. We are dedicated to sustainability and social responsibility, seeking to offer a stable supply of high-quality, standard-compliant Jojoba oil-based products that satisfy every customer’s ingredient, sensory and rejuvenating cosmetic need.   Offering end-to-end production coverage and traceability, we have become the leading company offering pure, natural, Jojoba oil. In line with our vision that every product must be enhanced with the exceptional properties of JD Jojoba Oil, we carry your care and offer a wide and creative range of Jojoba oil-based products used in myriad applications.

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Our Products
We specialize in distributing 3 categories of JD Jojoba Oil products:
our values
Jojoba Desert goes beyond providing a natural, soothing line of cosmetics to lead the global Jojoba industry with the next generation of premium Jojoba-based products. Ever-driven towards excellence, Jojoba Desert carries your care, from seed to oil.
We are a
Responsible Leader,

Ever socially responsible, Jojoba Desert integrates high quality standards, growing terms and operational abilities for guaranteed quality, sustainability, long shelf-life and a stable supply of our premium jojoba products.

We are a
Dedicated Partner,

Committed to forming lasting partnerships with cosmetic manufacturers who share our vision for creating new & innovative jojoba-based products – exactly what your consumers want and need.

We are a
Creative Innovator,

Always striving to offer cosmetic manufacturers the highest quality of pure Jojoba Oil, Jojoba-based enriched balms and innovative blends.