Benefits & Uses

Our modern lifestyles expose our bodies to harmful toxins and chemicals. They are in the food we consume, the air we breathe and the cosmetics we apply. But what if you could wind back the clock, turn back time, to a healthier, more revitalized and radiant you?
At Jojoba Desert, we carry your care, providing you with 100% natural, cold-pressed JD Jojoba Oil. JD Jojoba Oil is rich in Omega-9 and free of additives and preservatives, making our products healthier, more environmentally-friendly and an efficient alternative to chemical ingredients.

From seed to oil, the benefits abound

The advantages of JD Jojoba Oil are clear: the 100% oil-free, liquid wax mimics human sebum, providing moisture and balancing natural oil levels, without leaving a greasy feeling. JD Jojoba Oil acts as:

  • A natural moisturizer
  • A great vehicle for active compounds
  • A stabilizer of essential oils
  • A product containing anti-inflammatory* and wound healing properties (Ranzato – 2011, R.R Pharmacological Research 2005)
  • A safe product for all skin types to use (Cosmetic Ingredient Review, 2008)
  • Long-lasting product – with a long shelf-life of at least 3 years (G.K. Sandha1 and V.K. Swami, 2009, Rasayan, J. Chem)
  • The ideal product for long-term skin maintenance and rejuvenation!

Fast application, best absorption, superior skin results. That’s how we carry your care.

The next generation of oil-free cosmetic products

Time: we are always chasing it, seeking more of it, yet yearning to turn it back. JD Jojoba Oil’s multiple use cases allow you to live life to the fullest, while enjoying healthier, happier skin. How do you use your JD Jojoba Oil?

  • As a moisturizer – For smooth, radiant, healthy looking skin, select JD Jojoba Oil. The 100% pure, natural moisturizer contains Omega-9 + Vitamin E. A premium product for skin care, face care and hair care.
  • To control acne – JD Jojoba Oil acts as a deep cleanser, clears out hair follicle blockages, soothes irritated skin and harnesses biostatic properties to control acne breakouts. Meier, L, 2012, Karger
  • To hydrate chapped lips – When applied to dry, chapped lips, JD Jojoba Oil forms a barrier that effectively locks moisture in. Protects lips from harsh weather conditions, keeping them soft and supple.
  • To smooth dry, cracked cuticles, hands & feet – Applying JD Jojoba Oil to the hands and feet enables the quick absorption of moisture to areas of the body in closest contact with harsh surfaces and elements, for smoother, less irritated skin.
  • To treat sunburns – The vitamin E found in JD Jojoba Oil controls damage caused by harmful UV rays and soothes sunburned skin. The next-generation oil-free, natural skin rejuvenator.
  • As a hair treatment – For shinier, healthier hair that is smooth, soft and silky but never greasy, let JD Jojoba Oil carry your care. No harsh chemicals that can strip the hair of its natural moisture, so it can shine and thrive.
JD Jojoba Oil – natural, sustainable, soothing. That’s how we carry your care.