JD Jojoba Golden Oil

At Jojoba Desert, we specially select and carefully handle our jojoba seeds, grown in the Israeli desert. JD Jojoba Golden Oil is a pure natural golden liquid wax, composed of esters extracted from jojoba (Simmondsia Chinensis) seeds.  A rich clear golden liquid with extraordinarily beneficial properties. Extracted through an automated cold press process, our JD Jojoba Oil is produced to ensure the highest quality of pure, natural liquid wax. 

JD Jojoba Golden Oil is a light oil with golden highlights and a delicate, yet distinctive natural scent. (Odorless version available).


JD Jojoba Oil: A Superior Alternative to Mineral Oil

Recent study proved JD Jojoba Oil to be a natural and ethical alternative to Mineral Oil, offering essential nourishment to the skin.

The study demonstrated that JD Jojoba Oil matches Mineral Oil’s efficacy in enhancing skin hydration and reducing Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) in both short and long-term.

This conclusion makes JD Jojoba Oil a natural and ethical choice for cosmetic formulations, ensuring healthier and more radiant skin.



25 KG
180 KG
860 KG

Product Information


INCI name: Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil

CAS No.: 90045-98-0/61789-91-1

Commercial name: JD Jojoba Golden Oil

Description: Extra virgin liquid wax, obtained from natural jojoba seeds

Production method: Cold Press

Appearance: Yellow clear liquid


Fatty ACID composition Chemical and physical properties
Acids Percent Melting point (°C) 7-9
C 16:0 Palmitic acid Max: 3.0% Specific gravity at 25°C (gr/ml) 0.86-0.873
C 16:1 Palmitoleic acid Max: 3.0% Refractive index (40°C) 1.450-1.470
C 18:1 Oleic acid 5.0-15.0% Unsaponifiable matter (%) 45-55
C 20:1 Gondoic acid 65.0-80.0% Iodine value (cgI2/gr oil) 80-92
C 22:1 Erucic acid 10.0-20.0% Acid value (mg KOH/gr) Max: 1
C 22:0 Behenic acid Max: 1.0% Saponification value (mg KOH/gr) 85-98
C 24:1 Nervonic acid Max: 3.0% Moisture (Karl Fischer) WT.% Max: 0.1
Other Max: 3.0% Peroxide value (meq O2/kg oil) Max: 2
Bacteria total plate count (CFU/g) Max: 50
Color gardner Max: 9.0
Pesticides residues N.D.


Please note: Analysis are made by Independent ISO /IEC certified laboratory, from samples taken from each batch being processed. Calibration standards used are maintained in accordance with ISO/IEC Guide 17025 (1999) and are traceable to National and International Standards. Production in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22716:2007, ISO 14001:2015.


Shelf Life: 3 years from the manufacturing date when kept in original unopened container, away from direct sunlight and excessive heat or cold.
During storage the jojoba wax can develop a slight sedimentation at the bottom of the drum.


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