Jojoba Desert launches a versatile ingredient for most hair care woes – JD Jojoba Hair Complex

Weather changes, air pollution and hair styling routines can be harsh for the hair.


Consumers are looking for more natural hair care products that will restore and rehabilitate their hair without compromising on quality and safety.


Accordingly, hair care brands are in the race to solve common challenges like taming frizz, restoring shine, preventing breakage and protecting the hair from heated styling tools with emphasis on natural and sustainable products to align with market demands.


To meet these demands and challanges, JD has launched the ultimate hair care ingredient: JD Jojoba Hair Complex.


JD Jojoba Hair Complex is an exclusive complex of natural oils and vitamins essential for healthy hair and scalp. Combining all-natural JD Jojoba Golden Oil with ingredients such as Hemp Seed Oil led to this versatile product for rinse-off and leave-in hair care products.


JD Jojoba Hair Complex also provides moisture balance for the scalp with proven benefits for hair such as conditioning, heat protection, and anti-frizz capabilities.


Studies show that JD Jojoba Hair Complex is more effective in dealing with most hair care woes than other commonly used oils.


“Considering the many benefits of JD Jojoba Oil for hair care, combining other natural oils and vitamins, we have created the perfect ingredient designed to meet the market and customers’ requirements” says Lee Reuveni, CEO at Jojoba Desert. ‘This key ingredient joins our fine list of JD Jojoba oil-based products for skin care and hair care altogether”.