Celebrating Innovation: JD Lusteris™ ranked 1st in BSB Innovation Award 2023

We are thrilled to share that our JD Lusteris has secured the top spot in the “Cosmetics/ Raw materials/ Functionals and Recipients” category at the prestigious BSB Innovation Awards 2023.


Our team’s hard work and dedication have paid off, and we are honored to receive this recognition.


JD Lusteris is a natural emollient derived from Jojoba oil, creating a biome-friendly alternative to nonvolatile low viscosity silicones.

This 100% oil-free emollient offers multifunctional benefits like extraordinary silky sensory, sebum control properties, deep soothing effects, acne-prone skin improvement benefits, and hair and scalp protection. It is biodegradable, responsibly sourced, and eco-friendly.


More information: https://www.jojobadesert.com/lp-jd-lusteris/


In-cosmetics Global, Barcelona, Stand D91.