Better With Butter: Jojoba Desert Launches JD Jojoba Butter

Better With Butter: Jojoba Desert Launches JD Jojoba Butter

JD Jojoba Butter provides formulators with the ideal base ingredient for silky-smooth skin and beauty


Nourishing butters are among the hottest products in skin and body care today, thanks to their sensory benefits, deep moisturizing and versatility in applications.


Jojoba Desert (A.C.S.) LTD  is pleased to launch its new JD Jojoba Butters: the perfect solutions for nourishing the face, hair and body.


JD Jojoba Butter is a natural base containing up to 80% Jojoba Oil blended together with other natural waxes. It absorbs quickly and effortlessly into the skin, resulting in a soft, silky feeling, deep moisturizing, restoration and regeneration of the skin, and a radiant glow.


JD Jojoba Butter Vegan features all the nourishing properties and benefits of JD Jojoba Oil, thanks to its more than 70% Jojoba Oil content—and it’s completely natural, oil miscible, free of preservatives and coloring agents, and vegan.


*In-house test, performed on 30 volunteers at ages 30-65


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