Jojoba – The desert’s natural golden miracle

At Jojoba Desert, all of our operations adhere to the principle of sustainability – making the best possible use of the desert’s natural resources in an environmentally friendly manner, ensuring the future of jojoba growth and its use in the cosmetics industry.

From seed to oil – we are committed to sustainability

Our operations meet growing terms and quality standards, which are integrated within our operational abilities, making Jojoba Desert the responsible leader of the global jojoba production industry.

Our sustainable practices include all aspects of sustainability – from maintaining a green area around our plantations to using all our resources to find creative and advanced solutions for creating a healthy environment for our surrounding and earth.

Ever seeking to make the world a better place, we guarantee a pesticide-free product (PFP) with low use of herbicides, a low carbon footprint and low greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

Advanced agriculture practices for natural beauty

When it comes to irrigating  Jojoba crops, we bring sustainability to a whole new level:
Our team of expert growers engage in:

    • Natural resource management by using reclaimed water through drip irrigation technology on non-arable land
    • Waste management by reusing Jojoba pulp as animal feed
    • Biodiversity protection by maintaining “Wild Type” Jojoba plantations in Israel’s Negev desert

These practices enable us to ensure the most stable and sustainable product supply on the market,
extending shelf life while respecting the environment and nature