“JOJOBA DESERT” is willing to become
the Jojoba world’s leading brand that demonstrates the values of sustainability
which conforms to the customer’s
concept by creating long-term
relationships based on continuity of supply, collaboration and a shared vision.

Our Promise

To supply our customers with a stable infrastructure the will allow them to enjoy
the long term benefits of developing
formulas in which jojoba is an essential
and integral natural ingredient.
Our Values

Jojoba desert, is led by the & values that
define the new company: Stability,
sustainability, synergy and reliability.
These values will lead us to a more solid future

Jojoba Desert was founded by the merging of two of Israel's largest and most experienced Jojoba companies: Jojoba Israel (A.C.S) Ltd. and Desert Oil Ltd.
Thanks to this merge, Jojoba Desert has become the world's largest distributor of Jojoba oil, with many large leading international cosmetics brands on their list of clientele,
Thanks to Jojoba Desert's long-term business strategy, based on continuity and a shared vision, they offer their clients a steady foundation that relies on the confidence and security that only a leading brand in their field can offer, All this is led by the 4 values that guide them in all they do: Stability, Sustainability, Synergy, and Reliability.

Maintaining the status quo for the
future through:
Encouraging the use of Jojoba in the
cosmetics industry 
• Developing advanced agriculture in order to make proper use of natural resources
Adopting the principles of sustainability
to the agenda that leads the way for our customer  relationships
An experienced and stable company that
offers customers the advantage of
stability in a world of volatile climates and
markets , thanks to professionalism.
experience and advanced Agro-Tech development. Stability in supply,
costs and above all, quality.
Years of experience
Stable quality under one roof
Proactively increasing supply
Stable and regular supply to our customers
Stable prices, based on long term agreements.
Interactions based on a mutual
vision and commitment,
allowing our customers and us to
progress together through
growth and development Reliability
Our customers have someone to
rely on- we take responsibility and are
committed to them.
Our activity is based upon a sustainable
business strategy that keep the price stable.
We have the ability to do this thanks
to our involvement in every stage of
production and supply.

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