The Power of Softness

Jojoba Desert Presents JD Lusteris™

A multifunctional emollient with superior sensorial effect,
naturally sourced from Jojoba Oil

JD Lusteris™ by Jojoba Desert

JD Lusteris™ is a unique premium emollient inspired by the cosmetic industry’s need for green, responsibly sourced, sustainable alternative for silicones.

Originated from Jojoba Oil and manufactured through a solvent-free process, JD Lusteris™ offers an extraordinary light, silky, sensory profile. Its precise composition of short and long Jojoba chains makes it a suitable alternative to nonvolatile low viscosity silicones, resulting in sebum control properties, deep soothing effect, acne-prone skin improvement benefits, as well as hair and scalp protection.

JD Lusteris™ is biodegradable, responsibly sourced, and eco-friendly. 

It is China compliant, vegan compatible and NOI1 according to ISO 16128. 

JD Lusteris™ is ideally suited for multiple applications, such as 

skin care, acne products, hair care, sun care, color cosmetics & more.


Key Benefits

Vegan and Gluten-free

Contains Omega 9 and Vitamin E

Non- Comedogenic

Safe to Use for All Skin Types

Green Chemistry Principles


Silky Feel

Best in Class

NOI 1 - According to ISO 16128

Ophthalmological Tolerance

Shelf Life of 24 Months

The Perfect Trinity Package

JD Lusteris™ cleverly incorporates all the key substances, building a concept around sensorial excellence illustrated in a natural derived substance, with multifunctional performance in formulations:
• Jojoba Esters and Jojoba Alcohol as emollients
• Jojoba Alcohol as co-emulsifiers
• Propanediol as a humectant
JD Lusteris™ acts as an emollient, co-emulsifier and humectant – all in one.

Advanced Sensory Performance For Multiple Applications

Skin Care Products

Jojoba Oil’s chemical structure mimics 25% of the human sebum, helping to reduce water loss from the skin surface, serving as a vehicle for lipophilic antioxidants, protecting against harmful microorganisms, and shielding against environmental aggressors.
JD Lusteris™ is a supreme ingredient, renowned for its self- eplenishing hydrating characteristics. This 100% oil-free emollient, provides the skin with compounds ideal for maintaining an optimum hydration level.
Adding JD Lusteris™ to skin care products offers:
• Instant and long-term moisturization effect.
• Maintains the natural hydro-lipid skin barrier.
• Reduces the secretion of sebum.
• Presents soothing effect

Acne Treatment Products

With its precise composition of short and long Jojoba chains, JD Lusteris™ products can improve acne-prone skin by helping to control sebum production, restoring skin balance, resulting in an improvement of the skin condition.
Adding JD Lusteris™ to your Acne treatment formulations can improve acne-prone skin conditions by up to 17%.

Hair Care Products

With its precise composition of short and long Hair can be damaged by exposure to mechanical stress and abrasion from combing and brushing, oxidative stress due to UV irradiation an oxygen-rich environment, and chemical treatments designed to perm, color, straighten, relax, or bleach the hair.
JD Lusteris™ expresses simplicity in its best form, by providing hair film form and vital protection that results in a healthy and shiny look, offering:
• Significant and durable scalp moisturization.
• Heat protection.
• Conditioning effect.
• Decrease in hair breakage.

Ask Us How

Ask us how to incorporate JD Lusteris™ in your clean cosmetics formulations to gain: 

• Extraordinary light, silky sensory and efficacy functions

• Emollient, co-emulsifier and humectant – all in one

• Multifunctional performance

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Jojoba Desert is the world’s leading Jojoba oil manufacturer, providing a wide range of unique naturally sourced wholesale Jojoba oil-based products and other natural active ingredients globally to top international cosmetic brands, manufacturers and laboratories.
Dedicated to sustainability and social responsibility, seeking to offer a stable supply of high-quality, standard-compliant Jojoba oil-based products, JD tailored its products to satisfy every customer’s ingredient, sensory and rejuvenating cosmetic need.
Jojoba Desert has become the go-to company for pure, natural Jojoba oils and blends, offering end-to-end production coverage and traceability. In line with our vision that every product must be enhanced with the exceptional properties of JD Jojoba Oil, we carry your care and offer a comprehensive and creative range of Jojoba oil-based products used in myriad applications.

JD Lusteris™ by Jojoba Desert

A Multifunctional Emollient With Superior Sensorial Effect